1. STAR Blog: Invitation Received. Now What?
    Woohoo! The person-centered plan you're invited to is on the calendar. Now what? Lori outlines what you need to do to prepare for this important session. Click here to download a bulletin of the steps to take for a successful plan:
  2. STAR Blog: "Just Like Me"
    Mark addresses how segregated opportunities to be with people "just like me" can lead to manufactured connections and decreased opportunities for people to connect. People who are "Just like me" can be so much more than the typical labels we assign individuals.
  3. STAR Blog: Person-Centered Management Skills
    Hilary gives some professional advice on putting the person first as a case manager.
  4. STAR Blog: What Do I Need to Take?
    Questions about what to train on for 245D? Wondering what is required annually? Leane walks us through the training requirements in this video. Resources can be found below. Training Requirements chart: Register for STAR Services Online Training at Want more information? Contact