At STAR Services, we are taking a different approach to work and bringing about change in the disability field. 

Our Team
Our team is eclectic.  We come from many different backgrounds, with different likes and dislikes, and the glue that holds us all together is our commitment to improving the lives of people and supporting our customers in their efforts to do the same.  We practice person-centered thinking as part of our business model. We look at what is working and what isn’t working in our daily operations, and we create support for each other and our customers. We take pride in being a stable company and good employer, but we are mindful of our pricing and the realities of our customer base.  We look for additional ways to give back to the community through volunteerism, advocacy and education.

How We Do It
Throughout STAR’s history, we’ve be in constant change.  It’s not that we don’t like downtime, it’s just that our field doesn’t have time for any.  Each progressive step in supporting continued choice and independence for people with disabilities is full of change, policies and procedures, regulation, and complexities.  We help break through the noise and confusion by presenting information and support in plain language, and we help teach our customers how to understand, implement and thrive in the changing landscape of disability services. 

Through live and online training, one-on-one consultation and mentoring, front and back office business supports, and staffing services, we support and teach everyone from DSPs to Executive Directors how to meet the needs of supporting people.

We Value Our Staff and We Value Your Staff
We believe in creating positive, productive and inclusive workplace settings because engaged and happy employees are simply good for business. At STAR, we have a “work hard, play hard” motto, recognizing that our staff work very hard to meet the demanding needs of our customers and our internal operations, and we foster our culture through fun events, staff development and…food. Seriously, everyone loves food. 

Our staff over achieve and over produce because they have trust in our company and because they believe in the work they do.  It’s workplace magic.  And even better, we can teach you about it, too.  When your staff come to STAR for training or assistance, we demonstrate those same notions, and we can even do training and strategic planning to help you implement these workplace solutions at your agency too.

Join the Movement
Whether you want to work for us, or work with us, we value collaboration and partnerships.  Join us in bringing about positive change and opportunities for the disability field.
STAR Services was named a 2018 Star Tribune Top 150 Workplace! A big thank you goes out to all of our employees who helped to make this happen.   Learn More >>
The Leadership Team
  1. Eric Pederson
    Eric Pederson
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. Jennifer May
    Jennifer May
    Vice President of Operations
  3. Angie Hart
    Angie Hart
    Vice President of Quality Enrichment & Assurance