This is called Child Foster Care with a 245D License.

First, you will need to contact your county Child Foster Care licensing unit to get your Child Foster Care license. You cannot apply for a 245D license until you have your child foster care license. Keep in mind you MUST live in the home with the people you support. It needs to be your primary address, and your county licensor may do occasional checks to ensure you are living at the location.

Once you have your child foster care license through the county, if you want to support children on an HCBS waiver you will next apply for your 245D license with the Department of Human Services. After you have your 245D license, you will also enroll as a Minnesota Health Care Provider (MHCP). STAR can help you with your 245D licensing application and your MHCP Enrollment. We have created a list of the things you will need to have in place to complete those processes: 

We encourage you to complete as much of the 245D application and MHCP enrollment paperwork as possible prior to meeting with us. There are many parts of the application we cannot help with (for example, obtaining Workers Compensation Insurance if you will have employees) so completing as much as you can on your own will help ensure the meetings with your consultant will be as effective as possible.

Our consulting fee is $90.00 per hour. Keep in mind, we can do many things remotely to make it more convenient for you. If you have completed as much as you can on your own and are ready to meet with a consultant, please contact 651-644-3140, ext. 200 and request a consulting appointment for a 245D application. Keep in mind, our consultant appointments book out about two weeks in advance.

Thank you for your interest in STAR Services, and we look forward to consulting with you!