Person-Centered Planning

As facilitators, we hold the understanding that within a Person-Centered planning process, there are many tools and methods that can be used and often are employed given each person’s unique situation. Our Person-Centered Facilitators are trained in a variety of major planning methods and tools.

Together we explore the balance between what is important to a person and important for a person. Person-centered facilitation holds at its core, the individual rights and experiences that should be available to all, promoting a world where all people have control and choice in their lives.

STAR Services person-centered planning facilitators are trained in multiple methods including MAPs and PATH facilitation, Picture of a Life, Life Moves and many others.
Person-centered planning session
For more information about STAR's Person-Centered Planning services, contact [email protected] or 651-644-3140 x211.

From the STAR Blog:

Mark Winters, Person-Centered Planning Facilitator

Mark Winters
“As we explore opportunities with people, we face the challenge to look at things differently, to step outside the situation for a bit, cast away our personal agenda and preconceived notions about how things should be. We face the challenge to get unstuck, to not be satisfied with “just fine” and to explore all opportunities and possibilities. As a friend, advocate, and planning facilitator, I love the challenge of getting past existing in the status quo and helping to make life happen.”
Meet the Team
  1. Becky Eikmeier
    Becky Eikmeier
    Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  2. Shauna Cropsey
    Shauna Cropsey
    Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  3. Sarah Stein
    Sarah Stein
    Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  4. Mark Winters
    Mark Winters
    Project and Development Manager, Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  5. Amber Saathoff
    Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  6. Betsy Gadbois
    Betsy Gadbois
    Director of Person-Centered Development