Contracted Staffing
Live Training
We understand the stress and frustration of hiring a new staff or filling a shift. STAR’s contracted staffing options fill shifts with qualified staff who are happy to support individuals with consideration to every person’s unique needs and desires.
Live training offers the unique chance to interact with other providers and staff from across the state, share questions and ideas, and learn together. Our experienced trainers lead the group with engaging presentations and powerful conversations.
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Online Training
Consulting & Compliance
Our online training team is constantly developing new online courses and working to grow our library. Online training is a convenient way to complete compliance, skill development, and person-centered training quickly and efficiently, offering consistent training results and learning experiences that prepare staff to do their job.
STAR Services specializes in consulting with companies and persons serving individuals with disabilities under MN State licensures. Our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to you when providing consultation and assistance. With our consultants providing support, you can discover and maintain compliance to regulatory standards and the development of quality services.
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Person-Centered Planning
Person-centered thinking is not new, but the demand and expectation that agencies incorporate these philosophies into practice is growing. National, state, and local agencies are requiring providers to incorporate person-centered principles into services.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q. I took a class at STAR. Can I get a copy of my certificate of completion? A. STAR Services does not maintain training records for our customers. Please contact the Human Resources department of the organization who paid for your training to request a copy of your certificate. If you were a self-pay student, please contact 651-644-3140 ext 200 or [email protected]
  2. Q. What are your rates? A. Rates vary by the product or services requested. You will always know the price of any requested item and have an opportunity to approve any costs before we begin work. Contact [email protected] with a description of your needs for a quote.
  3. Q. My agency isn't in the metro area. Do your consultants and trainers travel? A. Yes! STAR is proud to provide services to agencies across the state of Minnesota. We will travel to your site for training or consulting and make it as cost effective as possible. We can also consult via phone conference, email, Skype®, GoToMeeting®, fax, or any way your business needs require.
  4. Q. Our agency has a lot of citations and feels overwhelmed. Can you help? A. Yes! STAR can help improve your systems, train your staff, and figure out how to avoid problems in the future. We have helped many agencies with their citations, fines, and conditional licenses, and we work with you to create sustainable changes that meet the needs of licensing and work for your agency.
  5. Q. I'm just starting a business in the disability field. What should I do first? A. STAR has an introductory consulting session that can help you understand the field, current trends, and licensing needs. We offer you an opportunity to ask questions and get up to date and professional answers! This is a good first step to figure out if a business in the disability field is right for you.
  6. Q. I have a specific training need, and I don't see the class listed. Can you help? A. The courses listed in our directory are examples of the most often requested topics. We have dozens of other topics available. We can also work with our customers to "customize" the training to fit their specific staff development needs. We can tailor the curriculum, even combine curricula, to create the perfect training for your staff.
  7. Q. Do you sell your training curricula? Do you offer online training modules? A. STAR sells curricula for use at your agency for a limited number of topics including Vulnerable Adult and Maltreatment of Minors Acts, Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid Self-Study, and Emergency Procedures. We can work with your agency to design custom curricula to meet your needs. Online training currently available for 245D orientation-level courses, Positive Supports Rule, and mental health topics.
  8. Q. How can I remain current on all the rules and regulations? Where can I learn about changes? A. STAR can assist you with annual updates on changes to policies and procedures that occur through legislation or rule changes. We work with our customers to ensure that they are always operating with the most current information.