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STAR Services Training Facility

STAR Services Classroom

Convenient classroom trainings are available for audiences from entry-level to executives at our St. Paul location. Led by skilled experts, these classes facilitate shared learning and discussion with service providers from across Minnesota.   VIEW CALENDAR >>

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We come to you! This option is great for trainings at a location of your choice. Classes are held at a time and place determined by the organization or lead agency and are based on the topics you choose.   REQUEST A QUOTE >>
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Designated Coordinator/Manager Development Program

The Designated Coordinator/Manager Development Program is an interactive course designed to help participants gain the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to be a successful Designated Coordinator or Designated Manager.   LEARN MORE >>
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Trainings throughout Greater Minnesota

Throughout the year, we teach some of our most relevant and requested management-level classes in popular locations across the state.   LEARN MORE >>

Person-Centered Training

Person-centered philosophies are infused in all our trainings along with tools to apply that approach into daily routine. Classes review person-centered language, tools, and processes to put these ideas and values into action. STAR also offers two-day courses on Person-Centered Thinking, A Picture of a Life, and MAPS and PATH Person-Centered Planning Facilitation. UPCOMING SESSIONS >>
Picture of a Life
For more information about STAR's live training options, contact [email protected]  or 651-644-3140.

Trainings on these topics and more are available now:

  • 245D Orientation and Annual Trainings
  • 245D Compliance
  • Positive Supports Rule
  • Person-Centered Practices
  • Person-Centered Thinking (two-day)
  • MAPS and PATH Facilitation
  • ​​Mental Health
  • Licensing Compliance
  • Designated Coordinator/Manager
  • Quality Assurance
  • AHA CPR/First Aid
  • Medication Administration
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Meet the Team
  1. Lillian Altendorfer-Morales
    Lillian Altendorfer-Morales, Training Manager
    Lillian has an Associate of Arts in Health Care Management and has worked in the Human Service field for over 25 years. A favorite of STAR’s students, Lillian’s experience includes working in ICF/DDs, In-Home Support Services, and acting as the Staffing Manager at STAR. Outside of her work at STAR, Lillian is always on the move as a personal trainer and a volunteer firefighter. Currently overseeing the STAR training department, Lillian instructs a wide variety of courses. Lillian is also a MANDT and Crisis Prevention Institute instructor.
  2. Becky Eikmeier
    Becky Eikmeier, Program Services Consultant, DC/DM
    Becky began her career in Human Services as direct support staff in an ICF/DD and has since had experiences supporting children and adults with various diagnoses. Becky combines her BS in Psychology and her experiences as an ICF/DD program manager, director of a DTH, and 22 years as a licensor with the Department of Human Services to create practical applications of the rules and regulations that are vital to providing effective and compliant services.
  3. Leane Brown
    Leane Brown, Online Training Director, DC/DM
    Leane has experience in managing ICF/DD programs assisting individuals with various diagnoses and needs as well as unique experience in aiding in the inception of Minnesota’s first home specifically for adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. She graduated from Clarke College and applies her combined studies in psychology and drama/speech with her first hand experiences to facilitate interactive, dynamic, and relevant training. Leane has received MAPs and PATH training from Inclusion Press, Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Kahn with permission to teach MAPs and PATH.
  4. Sarah Stein
    Sarah Stein, Program Services Consultant, DC/DM
    Sarah has a BA in Psychology and an AA in Medical Administrative Assistance and is a Designated Coordinator/Designated Manager. She has worked as a Designated Coordinator in residential settings and as a program manager for a vocational provider. With 15 years of experience working in the field of developmental disabilities, Sarah fully understands the training requirements and needs of direct care and management level staff. Sarah has a natural talent for helping participants improve their skills, confidence, and effectiveness.
  5. Mark Winters
    Mark Winters, Program & Development Manager, DC/DM
    Mark has firsthand experience as an operations director and quality assurance manager for residential and vocational programs and as a manager for ICF/DDs and Supported Living Services. A graduate of the College of St. Scholastica, Mark applies his study of psychology and organizational behavior with his social services experience. Forthright and knowledgeable, he is known for his ability to take complex information and present it in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Mark offers training and collaboration through Inclusion Press including methods and tools for PATH, MAPS, and Liberty Planning.
  6. Lori Jasper
    Lori Jasper, Program Services Consultant, DC/DM
    Lori brings 35 years of passion to serving people with disabilities in a wide range of capacities from practicing occupational therapy with people with acquired brain injury and intellectual and developmental disabilities to positions in executive management at community-based service organizations. She co-founded and was the president of small provider agency for 15 years. Lori likes to have interactive presentations so participants can apply and share their recently obtained knowledge. She graduated from Madison Area Technical College with an AS in Occupational Therapy. Lori is a trainer through The Learning Community for their Person-Centered Thinking two-day training and Picture of a Life. She also had a two year mentorship under Angela Amado in relationship-building and community engagement and has permission to train and conduct person-centered planning in this area.
  7. Angie Hart
    Angie Hart, VP of Quality Enrichment & Assurance, DC/DM
    Angie Hart has 20 years of experience working with people with developmental disabilities. She graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a BS in Biology. Through her work as a corporate trainer and consultant, Angie has assisted companies with compliance issues and program development. She uses her experience as a direct support professional, QDDP, Manager of an ICF/DD, and Director of ICF/DD and Waivered Services to teach human service professionals the “ins and outs” of regulations, as well as leading and managing staff in social services. Angie is a Helen Sanderson Accredited Trainer for One Page Profiles and Person-Centered Reviews, received in 2018.
  8. Jennifer May
    Jennifer May, VP of Operations
    Jennifer has been with STAR Services for 15 years and oversees several departments including online training, contracted staffing, and customer relations. She has a passion for staff training and development and enjoys presenting on Positive Psychology, management topics, workforce motivation, and strategic planning. In 2015, she was named as an Emerging Leader in the field of disabilities by ANCOR. Jennifer graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with BAs in Political Science and International Relations, and a MA in Liberal Arts with concentrations in Political Science and History.
  9. Hilary Novacek Bundt
    Hilary Novacek Bundt, Education & Outreach Director, LSW
    Hilary is a licensed social worker and a mental health practitioner. She graduated from St. Catherine University with a degree in Social Work and in English writing and enjoys using both degrees to design curriculum that engages and educates service providers. Hilary has eight years of experience in social services with an emphasis on case management services for individuals with disabilities, working with children and their families, and serving adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Hilary is also a certified supervisor for newly licensed social workers and helps guide and mentor new social workers during their first 4,000 hours of service in the field.